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Eeveelution Acrylic Charm - Fairy

Eeveelution Acrylic Charm - Fairy

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Little accessory

Adorable acrylic charm with vibrant colors and a lovely smooth touch thanks to the high quality double-sided epoxy coat! Add it to decorate your keys, purses, backpacks and more!

✨ Each charm comes with a matching matte vinyl sticker! ✨

🩷 Size: 7,62cm (3”)

🩷 Accessory: Choose between a cute dyed bell or a little tassel! * The exact color of the little accessory may vary but it will always match the charm color theme*

🩷 Printing: Double-side printing with a different design on each side for a more 3D fun effect!

🩷 Material: Clear acrylic with double-sided epoxy coat. Golden metal swivel clasp.

* Acrylic charms with different designs on each side can have a bit of translucency under certain lights and show off a bit of the opposite side’s design. Please make sure you’re ok with this before purchasing 

* Please note that the colors may differ from what you see on your device’s screen and the real product

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

The keychain is absolutely adorable, and it's very high quality! It also came with a few adorable bonus stickers, which was a very pleasant surprise. Though, if you have cats, beware that the bell sounds identical to a cat toy!


The pink animal key chain is sooo cute.

Adorable and amazing quality 🩷🤍🩵

This charm is so cute! It has vibrant colors, the bell is nice (not too loud like I worried it may be for keys), and the quality is outstanding. I worried it wouldn’t be a good thing to put on my key ring, but the charm is very well-made and sturdy. Overall, the level of design matches the quality of the product. Not to mention the packaging was wonderful with a couple free stickers and a nice note. I love it 🩷