Product Grading

I take the quality of my products very seriously and I personally inspect each and every one of the items I sell. When a product have very noticeable flaws or defects I list them as B or C grade/seconds depending on the severity of those defects, at a discounted price. Standard grades are the highest quality that I offer but note that even those may have very little imperfections due to their handmade nature ( usually only noticeable from a certain angle or under certain light conditions). 

Here are some examples of my gradings depending on the product:


- Enamel pins

Standard grade: this is the highest quality that I offer. They may still have very little imperfections such as tiny scratches on the metal and very tiny dust specks on the enamel that can only be seen upon very close inspection.

B grade: these can show more noticeable flaws such as bigger or more prominent scratches on metal or enamel, bigger dust specks and on more visible places like the face, noticeable bubbles on enamel, tiny unfilled areas, wrong colors, etc.

C grade: these are be the most defective and sold at a bigger discount. These would have the most noticeable defects which would make them better to use or wear them without the fear of damaging or loosing a better quality item.


Acrylic charms: 

Standard grade: these charms may have tiny imperfections that won’t affect the look and functionality of the item. These imperfections may be tiny scratches or dust specks on the epoxy coat or a little translucency on the printed area that on double-sided print charms with different designs on each side could make some parts of the design a little visible from the opposite side.

Seconds: charms with very visible flaws that would severely affect the look or functionality of the charm, shaker charms’ little pieces stuck and not shaking, print chipped off, etc. These would be sold at a discount and would be better for a more intense use.



Standard: stickers with no major issues.

Seconds: stickers that may show slightly misaligned cuts or borders, big scratches on the surface,  noticeable spots on the print, etc.